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Tradinco Instruments is your trusted partner for sensor solutions from Druck in The Netherlands. Tradinco Instruments proudly offers an extensive selection of high-performance Druck sensors. Specializing in delivering precision and reliability, our collaboration with Druck ensures that you have direct access to cutting-edge sensor solutions. From resilient pressure sensors engineered for challenging environments to exceptionally accurate temperature sensors, each product exemplifies the shared commitment to excellence between Druck and Tradinco Instruments. Choose Tradinco Instruments as your partner for Druck sensors.



The ADROIT6000 with a range of 200 mbar to 350 bar

RPS/DPS 8000

RPS/DPS 8000 for high accuracy and stability

UNIK 5000

The UNIK 5000 with a range of 70 mbar to 700 bar

UNIK 5800/5900

The UNIK 5800/5900 with a range of 2to 700 bar

UNIK 5600/5700

The UNIK5600/5700 with a range of 70 mbar to 700 bar

PTX 1800

PTX 1800 with a range of 0..0.75m H2O to 0..600m H2O


Druck's DPS5000 is a high-precision, digital pressure sensor for pressure measurements

Calibration instrumentation solutions from Druck

In addition to the Druck sensors, Tradinco Instruments offers also a diverse range of Druck calibration equipment. As a trusted channel partner & service provider of Druck in The Netherlands, we are dedicated to providing a comprehensive selection of high-quality calibration instrumentation. Tradinco Instruments is your go-to source for premium pressure calibration instruments, temperature calibration instruments, and other specialized calibration instrumentation solutions. Our partnership with Druck ensures that the same commitment to excellence that defines our calibration instruments is mirrored in the quality and precision of the calibration equipment we offer. Discover more about our Druck calibration instrumentation on our dedicated calibration equipment page.

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