Upgrade to precision: Trade-in your old equipment and save!



18 June 2024
We're excited to announce our new trade-in campaign! This is the perfect opportunity to replace your outdated pressure measurement equipment with the latest technology. Trade in your old equipment and receive an 8% discount on the new PV624 portable hybrid pressure controller. The PV624 from Druck offers unmatched precision and efficiency, making it the ideal upgrade for your calibration needs.
PV624 trade in promotion

How it works?

Sign up for the offer and order a PV624:
To take advantage of this trade-in offer, start by contacting our customer service team. They will guide you through the process of signing up for the promotion. Once you've signed up, you can place your order for the new PV624 portable hybrid pressure controller. Our team will provide all the necessary details and help you with any questions you might have. This ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience as you begin the process of upgrading your equipment.

About the PV624

The features and benefits of the PV624 hybrid portable pressure controller are: Modular integration 
  • The PV624 pressure controller is operated via any **DPI620G. This can be done by clipping the DPI onto the PV624. Newer DPI620Gs also have the capability to connect wirelessly via Bluetooth. The DPI's software interface has been updated, making operation simple.
  • A **PM620/PM620T pressure module is used as the pressure reference. These modules are available in various pressure ranges and can be easily screwed hand-tight into the PV624. It is then automatically recognized.
  • With the internal barometer of the PV624, you can easily switch between gauge and ***pseudo-absolute or from absolute to ***pseudo-gauge. This reduces the need for multiple PM pressure modules.
Durable and robust
  • The PV624 is robust, weather-resistant, and suitable for the most extreme conditions due to its use of high-quality materials and rounded design.
  • Protect the internal components of the generator from dust, dirt, and moisture with the standard dirt separator included.
  • The automatic overpressure protection prevents damage to a PM620 pressure module by offering too high a pressure.
Ease of use
  • The PV624 regulates pressure very quickly and precisely to the desired setpoint, saving you time on fine-tuning the pressure. Additionally, the automatic regulation compensates for any small leaks, ensuring a stable measurement at all times.
  • The PV624 features a quick-fit pressure connection. These connections can be hand-tightened and always create a pressure-tight seal, preventing damage to the instrument from overtightening. A G1/8 and 1/8 NPT male thread adapter is included for connecting the most common transmitters.
The PV624 comes with a long-lasting rechargeable battery. If the battery runs out during work, you can easily swap it with a charged spare. (An extra battery and external charger are available as accessories)
Discover all the details about the PV624 from Druck on our product page. There, you'll find comprehensive information about its features, specifications, and benefits. You can also contact us for more information or download the datasheet directly from the page.
PV624 van Druck
*Due to radio license requirements, Bluetooth® wireless technology may not be available in some countries. Upon request, Tradinco Instruments can provide an up-to-date list. You will also need a DPI620G and PV624 with Bluetooth for this feature **The PV624 is not compatible with intrinsically safe products approved for use in explosive environments, such as the DPI620-IS or PM620-IS.
***Pseudo-selection is only available in the full overpressure range of 1 bar/15 psi or higher and in the full absolute range of 2 bar/30 psi and higher of the PM620.

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