AMS Trex Device Communicator

Ams Trex Device Communicator

The AMS Trex device communicator

Are you looking for a tool to easily configure and adjust instruments and transmitters on site? That is possible with the AMS Trex device communicator. The device is designed to be used in most complex and difficult work locations. It works comfortably with a large touch screen and has built-in bluetooth, USB, and WiFi connectivity. This allows you to easily integrate data from all instrumentation in the plant.

Technical specifications

Large 5.7-inch color touch screen
ATEX certified
Rechargeable Lion battery 8+ hours of use
Connectivity: USB, Bluetooth, WiFi, NFC
Loop calibrator
AMS integration


Emerson’s AMS Trex device communicator was developed based on the expectations of (potential) users. Technicians using this communicator like to work time-efciently. Problems with Foundation Fieldbus or HART instrumentation, for example, are quickly detected. This allows quick intervention so that problems are solved. Simple problems can be diagnosed on the spot, preventing unnecessary breakdowns and production losses. In addition, the chance of changes in process lead time is reduced, saving costs.

Tradinco testbank

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