UPS II & III loop calibrator

This product is no longer available. Check out the alternative - the DPI 880 - here or contact us. Druck's UPS II & III are originally a Dutch manufacture. In the process world, besides the multimeter, it is one of the most widely used measuring instruments. The loop calibrator is suitable for testing and calibrating steam circuits, measuring and simulating milliampere signals and measuring volt signals. The UPS II & III have a range of 0- 24 mA at 21 V and 0-50 V DC voltage and is equipped with a 24V supply voltage for instruments.

Technical specifications

Measure and simulate from 0 to 24 mA
Accuracy 0.01% of reading
60 Vd.c. measurement and continuity
HART® compatible, built-in 235 Ω resistor


The UPS III has an accuracy of 0.015% of the read value including temperature effects and stability over 12 months. This makes this calibrator about ten times more stable than the average multimeter. With its built-in 250 Ω resistor, the UPS III can be used for testing HART transmitters. This is an essential tool for testing loops, switches, instrument maintenance and setting valves. The instrument is small, rugged and easy to use. The loop calibrator comes with a calibration certicate.


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