DPI 620 Genii IS

DPI 620 Genii from Druck

Are you looking for a reliable and safe electrical calibrator? Then we offer the solution with the DPI 620. With this multifunctional calibrator you check and calibrate various electrical signals in processes. With optional HART, Profibus and Foundation Fieldbus communication, you can easily set up instruments remotely. You order this calibrator in a normal or ATEX version so you can work with this instrument in hazardous areas. In short, you only need one instrument for a variety of operations.

Technical specifications

ATEX version possible
High accuracy
Suitable for pressure modules up to 1000 bar
To be combined with an internal pressure generator up to 700 bar
Multifunctional calibrator with electrical, frequency, temperature and pressure parameters
HART, Foundation Fieldbus & Profibus communication option


This electrical calibrator simultaneously measures and generates various process parameters, such as electrical, frequency, temperature and pressure. These include V, mA, Ohm, mV, RTDs, thermocouples and frequency. Combined with a pressure generator, pressure modules and the digital communication capabilities you purchase a multi functional calibrator platform. We supply this electric calibrator with a greatly improved battery. This gives it an improved lifetime, which increases ease of use. Does a battery change prove necessary? Then you can safely change it on site and even in a hazardous area.

DPI 620 Genii

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