Liquid and gas separator 2255


Model 2255

Need a separator for liquid/gas separation? Tradinco Instruments has the model 2255 in its product range. This instrument consists of two parts, namely a liquid/gas separator, model 8335, and a control unit to which the reference instrument and the instrument under test are connected. With built-in precision needle valves, the gas pressure can be accurately adjusted. The Model 8335 gas separator is also available separately. It is often used in conjunction with a hydraulic DWT, such as the Traqc-22 DWT.

Technical specifications

Oil-free testing using a hydraulic DWT
Very robust design
Simple operation


The gas pressure module model 2255 is connected to a high pressure gas cylinder and on the other side to the oil gas separator model 8335 which can be connected to, for example, a hydraulic deadweight tester. The instrument under test is connected to the 2255 pressure module. The 8335 buffer contains a sight glass. Here the oil level can be controlled by means of the spindle pump on the deadweight tester. The gas pressure for each test or calibration is controlled by ne control valves on the 2255 control unit. This keeps the instrument under test from coming into contact with the oil from the deadweight tester. In this way, you can easily and safely use a hydraulic deadweight tester.

Werking 2255

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