Low pressure regulator 30xx


Model 30xx low pressure regulator

How do you safely bring the low pressure in your system to your desired level? The Model 30xx precision reducer is specially designed for calibration and test instruments. This reducer is very sensitive, the small 0.5 or 1.0 mm needle allows you to control very precise pressure variation. This regulator has an internal drain so you do not need a separate drain valve. At any desired pressure, the internal valves are optimally balanced. This allows you to control any pressure very precisely. This instrument is available in different ranges up to 10 bar.

Technical specifications

Sensitive control over the entire range
Stable at any pressure
Automatic indulgence
Very compact


The output of the Model 30xx pressure regulator is virtually unaffected by changes in supply pressure. As a result, the stability of this regulator is optimal under most conditions.

For test and calibration setups for pressures up to 10 bar, this regulator is an indispensable component for a stable calibration or test point.


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