Minimess connection material

Minimess koppeling

Minimess connection material

Are you looking for a connection specifically for high pressure instruments? Then you quickly end up with minimess connection material. These connections allow you to easily connect test instruments. The hoses and couplings can be used for liquids or gases and the connections can handle a working pressure of up to 630 bar. We sell various minimess measuring couplings, measuring points and measuring hoses.

Technical specifications

Test connections for oil and gas systems
Couplings for high pressure
Flexible hoses
Valve in the clutch
Max working pressure 630 barg


Minimess quick coupling systems are widely used in calibration setups for pressures greater than 10 bar. It is a simple and leak- tight system that connects calibration instruments, hand pumps and instrumentation to be tested. The minimess connection material makes it easy and safe to connect and disconnect a test xture without using tools. A standard connection kit has been put together by us that is suitable for most applications. Poly-Flo quick-connect systems are available for low pressures.

Minimess koppelingen

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