Traqc-560 hydraulic pump

The Traqc-560 hydraulic pump offers a straightforward and effective solution for generating hydraulic pressures up to 2410 bar, utilizing low-pressure air. Its versatility finds application in various scenarios such as pressure testing hoses, pipes, valves, and more. It also delivers the high-pressure liquid demands of production machinery for tasks like holding, clamping, forming, and punching, as well as bolt tensioning systems. In summary, our hydraulic pump redefines the industry standards, combining power, safety, and efficiency.

Technical specifications

Produces pressures up to 2410 bar
Fully automatic
Safe, simple, efficient operation
4,5-liter fluid tank integrated
Water, oil, emulsion or other fluids
Robust design
Different pressure ranges available
Can be used in hazardous areas
Hydraulic components and frame made of stainless steel

Pressures up to 2410 bar

These pump units are designed for oils, water, emulsions, or other fluids. Equipped with a 4.5-liter fluid tank, the bolt tensioning unit ensures smooth operation. Moreover, their adaptability extends to hazardous or confined areas, making them suitable for diverse working environments. Its robust construction and reliable performance ensure it can handle diverse working environments with ease. Additionally, straightforward maintenance enhances its long-term efficiency and cost-effectiveness, making it a versatile and dependable tool for various industrial applications.

Traqc-560 detail

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