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The CPB5000 pressure balance uses apiston-cylinder system to measure pressure, to which a mass load is applied to generate individual test points. The mass load is proportional to the target pressure and is achieved by mass pieces of optimum incremental weight. These mass pieces are manufactured to standard gravity and can be adjusted and calibrated on site or to DKD/DAkkS standards. Thus, the system provides highly accurate pressure measurements.

Technical specifications

Total measurement uncertainty up to 0.008 % of reading
Mass pieces made of stainless steel and aluminum
Recommended recalibration interval is five years due to long-term stability
Quick and safe replacement of the piston-cylinder system


The CPB3800 is a primary standard that defines pressure scale in a pneumatic range up to 100 bar (1,500 psi) and with a gas-tooil separator up to 400 bar (5,000 psi). It is used as a reference instrument in plant and calibration laboratories for testing, adjusting and calibrating pressure measuring instruments. The system is completely free-standing and can also be used on-site.

Datasheet CPB5000

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