handpomp 8145

The 8145 hand pump

With hand pump model 8145 you easily generate 25 bar. Equipped with a double action pumping system, this pump generates test pressures with a minimum number of strokes. It requires minimal effort to achieve high pressures. Therefore, the "easypress" is at least three times more effective than any other hand pump for calibration available today.

Technical specifications

Range 25 bar
High efficiency and very fine pressure control
Made of heat-insulating material
Ergonomic design for minimal effort


The octagonal shape and T-grip of the hand pump ensure maximum grip. The hand pump is made of heat-resistant material. This reduces the transfer of ambient heat and therefore improves the stability of the generated test pressure.

The set pressure can be easily and accurately adjusted with the help of the built-in volume control. Especially for large calibration volumes, this pump works very effectively and saves a lot of time.


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