The PV411 hand pump

One hand pump for pneumatic or hydraulic pressure, vacuum or low pressure. It's possible with the PV411. This hand pump from Druck has unique functionalities. Both pneumatic and hydraulic pressures can be generated with this hand pump. The pneumatic range runs from 95% vacuum to 40 bar. In addition, a liquid reservoir can be mounted to generate hydraulic pressures up to 700 bar.

Technical specifications

Pneumatic pressure up to 600 psi (40 bar)
Hydraulic pressure up to 10,000 psi (700 bar)
Generates 95% vacuum
Vacuum priming for hydraulic systems
Excellent low-pressure control
Adjustable overpressure protection


This hand pump can generate both vacuum, pneumatic pressures and hydraulic pressures. For applications requiring all these pressures, this multifunctional hand pump can be used to great effect. The instrument is ergonomic, robust and has a lightweight design with a comfortable handle. Would you like to know what is possible? We are happy to help you further.

Tradinco testbank

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