PV624 portable hybrid pressure regulator

The PV624 is a portable base station for hybrid pressure controllers that combines the benefits of manual pressure generation with fully automatic pressure generation and control. Using the PV624 with a DPI620G electric calibrator and interchangeable PM620/PM620T pressure modules of the Genii advanced modular calibration system creates a uniquely multifunctional, flexible, self-contained portable pressure calibrator.

Technical specifications

Pressure control range: -0.9 barg (-13 psig) to 20 barg (300 psig) Absolute ranges: 2 bar (30 psi), 3.5 bar (50 psi), 7 bar (100 psi), 10 bar (150 psi), 20 bar (300 psi)
Pressure ranges for the PM620 series: 0.7 bar (10 psi), 1 bar (15 psi), 2 bar (30 psi), 3.5 bar (50 psi), 7 barg (100 psi), 10 barg (150 psi), 20 barg (300 psi)
Maximum overpressure (without damage): 120% FS
Barometer pressure measurement range: 800-1100 mbar abs
Total uncertainty of the barometer (24 hours): <0.5 mbar
Annual drift of the barometer: <0,33 mbar/year (typical)
Pressure control stability: 50 ppm of PM620 full scale
Maximum compensated leak rate at 20 barg (300 psig) with 50 ml volume: 60 mbar/min
Speed to stable set point: 0 barg to 2 barg (30 psig) +/- 50 ppm in a volume of 15 ml <15 sec & 0 barg to 20 barg (300 psig) +/- 50 ppm in a volume of 50 ml <90 sec
Battery life (when fully charged): At least 8 hours of continuous use (average)


With this rugged pressure regulator, pressure set points can be easily and quickly  adjusted and kept stable. The instrument also supports large test volumes and has a long battery life.

This new base station is part of the Genii Advance modular calibration system, which allows you to create a multifunctional portable pressure controller. Combine the PV624 with any DPI620G electric calibrator and a PM620 pressure module for a complete solution.

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