Traqc-5 P4

The Traqc-5 P4 hand pump

Looking for a pneumatic hand pump with a range of 0.3 to 4 bar? The Traqc-5 P4 is an easy-to-use hand pump. This pneumatic hand pump is especially suitable for measurements where small pressures must be regulated very precisely, in areas where moisture must be excluded or where the use of aggressive substances is avoided. The volume control is very precisely adjustable, allowing any minimum pressure change to be set.

Technical specifications

Dual operation of pneumatic pressure and vacuum
Pneumatic pressure up to 4 bar
Generates vacuum up to 0.3 bar
Fine adjustment of pressure


The Traqc-5 P4 is great for testing, adjusting and calibrating pressure sensors, pressure gauges, pressure switches, safety valves and all types of pressure devices. The pump has a built-in facility to switch between vacuum and pressure generation. The simple and low- maintenance design of the Traqc-5 P4 pneumatic hand pump ensures years of trouble-free use. When you combine the hand pump with a Traqc-1 (the digital pressure gauge), hoses and adapters, you have an effective measuring instrument to quickly perform necessary testing and calibration tasks.

Traqc-1 DPG

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Traqc-1 DPG

The Traqc-1 DPG has a range of -1 to 1000 bar and an accuracy of 0.5% FS or 0.1% FS


The hand pump 8125 generates vacuum pressure to about -0.75 bar


The 8135 hand pump generates pneumatic pressure up to approximately 5 bar

Traqc-5 P40/60

The Traqc-5 P40 or P60 has a range of -0.95 to 40 or 60 bar


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