Traqc-1 DPG

The Traqc-1 DPG

Are you looking for a digital pressure gauge that allows you to quickly and easily check your instruments? And calibrate in combination with a hand pump? Then the Traqc-1 DPG digital pressure gauge is the solution. This digital pressure gauge, also called a manometer, is very suitable for fixed measurement setups and mobile measurements. The Tracq-1 DPG has simple four-button operation, a long battery life and includes excellent protection against moisture and dust. The latter is made possible by a membrane keypad and rubberized buttons.

Technical specifications

Pressure range from -1 to 1000 bar
Long battery life
Accuracy of 0.5% FS or 0.1% FS
Excellent protection against dust and moisture


This pressure gauge is available separately but can also be combined with a hand pump, for example from our Traqc-5 series. The combination of these two products allows you to quickly and easily perform necessary testing and calibration tasks. This combination can be delivered in a handy case. The good price-quality ratio makes it an interesting combination.

Traqc-5 P40/60 & Traqc-1 DPG

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The Traqc-2 is a calibrator that can regulate and measure pressure up to 10 bar with an accuracy of 0.15% FS

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