Traqc-8 APC

The Traqc-8 APC (formerly 8185)

Are you looking for a measuring instrument to calibrate and test high pressure transmitters, pressure switches or safety valves with compressed air? The analog high pressure calibrator Traqc-8 APC makes this possible. This instrument calibrates or tests instruments, independent of an external pneumatic pressure source, at different locations high pressure. This can be done using the built-in gas storage of up to 250 bar. Any desired pressure can be set very accurately using a built-in pressure regulator and precision needle valves. This measuring instrument is also available in a digital version Traqc-8 DPC.

Technical specifications

Accuracy 0.5% FS
Range up to 250 bar
Quick pressure regulator
2 liter integrated high pressure storage to a maximum of 200 bar


The Traqc-8 APC is well suited for testing instruments that should not come into contact with liquids. The Traqc-8 APC operates pneumatically (i.e., with nitrogen or compressed air) rather than hydraulically. This minimizes the chance of contamination. With a capacity of 2 liters of nitrogen or compressed air, you can make on-site measurements up to a maximum of 250 bar.

Traqc-8 APC compleet

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