Traqc-8 XP2i

Traqc-8 XP2i digital pressure calibrator

The digital pneumatic portable calibrator Traqc-8 XP2i is designed for delivering and measuring high pneumatic pressures. The Traqc-8 XP2i can be used to calibrate and test high-pressure transmitters, pressure switches, safety valves, etc. The built-in high-pressure gas cylinder and battery allow this test unit to be used in all locations, independent of any external pressure source or mains supply.

Technical specifications

Built-in rechargeable high-pressure gas volume
Digital pressure gauge
High accuracy, ± 0.02% F.S.
SS316 high pressure hose and fittings
Overpressure protection
Separate analog monitor gauges for charge and control
Battery life typical 1500 hours


Once the instrument to be tested/calibrated is connected to the test connector, the maximum test pressure can be set by means of the high-precision pressure regulator. The set pressure can be read on the monitor gauge. Two needle valves are used for fine
adjustment of the pressure. The test pressure is shown on the digital display. A third monitor gauge, connected in parallel to the digital gauge, is used as an “aid”for quick adjustment of the test pressure.


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