The Traqc-2 digital pressure calibrator

Are you looking for a small and robust pressure calibrator? A pressure calibrator that can control and measure pressure up to 10 bar with an accuracy of 0.15%? Then the Traqc-2 is the solution. There are various circumstances where it is necessary to use an easily portable measuring instrument. Consider, for example, hard-to-reach locations. This mobile, lightweight calibrator can be used for many common situations. The Traqc-2 PC is equipped with a precision reducer to 10 bar when supply pressure is available. The Traqc-2 PCHP can be operated with a built-in hand pump and volume control to regulate pressures up to 3 bar.

Technical specifications

A pressure range of up to 10 bar
Built-in precision reducer or hand pump
0.15% FS accuracy
Great for on-site testing and calibrations
Simple and clear to read


The Traqc-2 can be used as an indicator and reference instrument for testing, startup and calibration of pressure measuring instruments. The calibrator can be used anywhere. It comes with a long-lasting Li-Ion battery. Using a built-in precision reducer, any pressure is easy to set. A version with built-in hand pump and precision volume regulator can be used when pressure supply is not available. A pneumatic switch is also built in for leak testing.

The Traqc2 comes with a sturdy leather carrying case that allows you to protect the instrument in all conditions.

Detail Traqc-2

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