DPI 705E

The DPI 705E from Druck

Are you looking for a digital pressure indicator that is easy to operate with one hand? Which is a good solution for (routine) maintenance work and failure analysis? The DPI 705E series digital pressure indicator is the successor to the well-known DPI 705. The new version has accuracy down to 0.05% FS over a temperature range of -10 ̊C to +50 ̊C. It is a reliable pressure gauge in a robust and lightweight housing. RTD sensors are also possible for temperature measurements.

Technical specifications

Measuring range: 0 to 25 mbar, ... 1400 bar
18 units (mbar, bar, Pa, HPa, mmHg, mH2O etc.)
Leakage test, max/min
External pressure and temperature sensors available
Accuracy: 0.025% full scale (total uncertainty over 1 year -10..50°C)


The manual pressure indicators come in different models. Depending on your desired specications, we will help you choose the most appropriate version. For example, the IS versions are certied to European and American standards for use in explosive hazardous environments. By combining the pressure indicator with a pneumatic or hydraulic hand pump, such as the Traqc-5 or PV411, you have a calibration solution for calibrating analog manometers and digital pressure gauges.

DPI 705E

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