Druck's PACE1000

Druck's PACE1000 is a high-precision pressure indicator. The gauge is designed for test benches, worktables, and panel mounting and suitable for calibration, testing, and monitoring applications. The PACE1000 features digital pressure sensors that offer quality, stability, and high bandwidth. Combined with precision and piezo-resistive sensor technology, it is a complete instrument.

Technical specifications

Up to three pressure measurements displayed simultaneously
Measuring ranges up to 1,000 bar (14,500 psi / 100 MPa)
Choice of accuracy down to 0.005% FS
Long-term stability to 0.01% Rdg per year
In government organizations for the calibration of pressure devices


The PACE1000 has a choice of three different pressure ranges. It comes with a one-, two- or three-channel pressure gauge. The PACE1000 is designed as a pressure reference for testing and calibrating other pressure devices such as pressure sensors, transmitters, analog pressure gauges, pressure switches and pressure reduction/burst devices and other pressure instruments such as portable calibrators. The PACE1000 can be used stand-alone or built into our test bench.

PACE1000 in testbank

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