PTC255 serie

PTC255 serie from Druck

The PTC255 and PTC255i are high-quality baths for calibrating temperature sensors. With their versatile features and accurate measurements, they are ideal for use in laboratories and other industries where precision is paramount. The PTC255 and PTC255i can measure and calibrate temperatures from room temperature up to 255°C. Also, the PTC255 series calibration baths offer high accuracy and stability and can be used to calibrate both thermocouples and resistance thermometers.

Technical specifications

Temperature range of room temperature...255 °C
Unique temperature stability of <0,001°C/K
Four functions in one calibrator (dry block / calibration bath / infrared / surface)

The PTC255 & PTC255i

The PTC255i offers additional features, including a built-in data logger that allows users to capture and analyze data. Both instruments also feature an intuitive control panel and a clear display, making them easy to use.

In short, Druck’s PTC255 and PTC255i calibration baths are reliable and accurate instruments that can ensure the precision of temperature sensors, thus contributing to the quality of products and processes.


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