Labom BE4200

The Labom BE4200

Monitoring pressure is made easy with Labom's industrial pressure gauges. These pressure meters with a switch are robust and offer a high level of quality. By adding a switch contact to a pressure gauge, a pressure switch is created. When the pressure reaches a certain value, a circuit is broken or established. There are different types of switch contacts, namely slow acting, magnetic, or inductive. This pressure switch is part of Labom's industrial product line.

Technical specifications

ATEX SIL2 EN 837-1 S3 DIN 16085
Range of -1 to 1600 bar
High overload protection


Pressure gauges are used in nearly every application where pressure needs to be measured. In many applications, pressure also needs to be monitored. If the pressure becomes too high or too low, a valve needs to open or an alarm needs to be activated. Pressure switches are used for this purpose. The BE4200 pressure gauge with a switch is commonly used in shipbuilding and the (petro)chemical industry. There are also bourdon tube gauges with switch contacts that have hygienic process connections for the food & beverage or biotech sectors.

Thanks to its SIL2 certification, the switch can also be used in safety systems that require a high level of reliability.


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