ECOnomic pressure gauges

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ECOnomic pressure gauges

For many different machines or installations, it is convenient to read pressure locally. When this does not need to be done accurately and you have no specific requirements for the process connection, a simple pressure gauge will suffice. However, a simple pressure gauge must have a good basic quality. Therefore, choose Labom's ECOnomic pressure gauges.

Technical specifications

Range from -0.6...0 to -1...15 bar and 0...0.6 to 0...160 bar
Made of stainless steel
Protection level IP 65
Accuracy class 1 and 1.6 respectively per EN 837-1


Labom’s ECOnomic series are simple pressure gauges, but with a high level of quality. This is reected in the nish and choice of materials. This ECOnomic pressure gauge is often found on smaller pressure vessels, around pumps and compressors, steam generators and cleaning systems. When you purchase a single piece, it is also possible to add your logo to the dial of the pressure gauge.

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