MPL 500/600

MPL 500

The MPL 500 and MPL 600

The miniature pressure switches MPL 500 and MPL 600 are very suitable for monitoring pressure in machines. The MPL 500 is designed to be very accurate and reliable in applications with low pressures or pressure differences. The switch weighs only 10 grams and has UL approval. The MPL 600 is similar, but has more extensive switching functionality, such as SPDT and hysteresis (switch dead bands). At 18 grams, the MPL600 is heavier than the MPL 500. These switches are only available in larger quantities for OEM applications. Samples can be ordered for prototypes etc.

Technical specifications

UL recognized component
Range: <0.07 in/H2O to 550 in H2O (20psi), Burst 25 PSI
Range: <0.07 in/H2O to 550 in H2O (20psi), Burst 25 PSI
Temperature range -40..120 Celsius


The MPL 500 and 600 pressure switches are used for monitoring pressures in machines and plants. Examples include monitoring filter units to prevent clogging or switching a vacuum pump or suction to maintain a negative pressure. The models are mostly used in (high-tech) mechanical engineering, automotive and HVAC. Do you want to decide at what pressure to switch? Tradinco Instruments can adjust and certify the switching point with extra precision. This still allows you to deliver extra reliability and precision in an economically responsible way.

MPL 600

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