ADROIT6200 from Druck

ADROIT6000 industrial pressure sensors are high-quality robust pressure sensors with analog output. Active temperature compensation ensures high accuracy over the entire temperature range. Adjustment can be performed digitally and with the small dimensions you never run out of space. The process connections and output type are freely configurable. The sensor can withstand high levels of vibration and has a short response time of 1 ms.

Technical specifications

NLH&R performance up to 0.02%
Pressure range from 70 mbar to 350 bar (1 to 5,000 psi)
Gauge, Absolute and Differential reference.
4-20 mA and configurable output voltage
Overall accuracy down to 0.1%
Frequency range up to 1 kHzik tot 1 kHz
316L stainless steel construction


ADROIT6000 industrial pressure sensors are ideal in applications where accurate measurement is required despite large temperature fluctuations. Examples include remote measurement locations where the sensor is exposed to wind and weather or installations where the process goes through many different temperatures, such as chemical reactors, around compressors and engines or in R&D applications.

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