Compact ECO Series

Compact ECO serie

Labom compact ECO series

Labom's compact ECO series consists of relative pressure sensors for application in gas, liquid or liquid vapors. The design of this sensor has been kept as simple as possible with cost efficiency in mind. The sensor and electronics are housed in a stainless steel housing. The process and electrical connection can still be freely chosen. The design of CA1110 model has been modified to meet EHEDG guidelines, such as low surface roughness and hygienic process couplings as varivent & tri-clamp.

Technical specifications

Range of 4..20 mA
Accuracy 0.5 or 0.3% FS
Stainless steel, Protection IP65
Optional: hygienic design according to EHEDG


The simple design makes this sensor suitable for many general applications in both industrial and hygienic environments. For example, you often see this sensor in mechanical engineering and process plants in locations where reliability and affordability are key features. With minor modications, this sensor can also be made suitable for special applications. For example, there is a special version that has been successfully used for years in hydrogen lling stations.

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