PTX 1800 serie

The PTX 1800 pressure sensor

The PTX1800 is specially designed for performing hydrostatic level measurements. Characteristic of this sensor is its high accuracy and long-term stability. The housing of this sensor is hermetically sealed and made of titanium. This makes the construction very robust and resistant to various environmental influences, including salt water. The sensor has a small diameter of 17.5 mm. This ensures that the sensor can also be placed in small-diameter bores. PTX1830 has a polyurethane cable and is intended for aquatic applications, while PTX 1840 has a hytrel cable suitable for hydrocarbon applications.

Technical specifications

Range: 0..0.75mH2O to 0..600m H2O
Accuracy: as low as 0.06% FS BSL
Temperature compensated
ATEX, suitable for application in hydrocarbon


The PTX 1800 submersible pressure sensor is one of the most efcient ways to measure liquid levels or water levels. The sensor uses little energy and also remains stable and reliable over long periods of time. This type of measurement takes place on board ships, for example in ballast tanks but also in storage tanks on land. Water levels in rivers, lakes and at locks can be measured in the same way.

PTX 1800

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