UNIK 5000

The UNIK 5000 sensor

Druck's UNIK 5000 is available in a wide range of configurations due to its modular design. The entire sensor including the piezoelectric chip is manufactured by Druck in England. The high quality is rejected in the stability and accuracy that this sensor achieves even without active temperature compensation. The sensor has a high frequency response of up to 3.5 kHz. This makes the sensor suitable for measuring dynamic pressures and pressure pulses.

Technical specifications

Range of 70 mbar to 700 bar
Accuracy is 0.04% FS, 0.1% FS Or 0.2% FS minimum
Output: analog, 9 different options possible from 4..20 mA Volts, bridge output
Connections: wide choice possible (see datasheet)


The UNIK 5000 pressure sensor is a good option if you are looking for a sensor that will last for years. In addition, this is an accurate and stable sensor. The sensor is widely used in high-tech machinery and precise measurement and control systems. The same properties, such as large temperature range and long term stability that make the sensor a success, also make it very suitable for applications in harsh environments, for example the (petro)chemical industry and on board of ships.

UNIK 5000 van Druck

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