CG2010 submersible pressure sensor

The CG2010 is a submersible pressure sensor from Labom which can be used for different liquid levels. In addition to pressure, this sensor can also measure temperature. The sensor is always under water, which makes it important that the materials are resistant to different environmental influences. This pressure sensor is made of titanium and the stainless steel housing has a special coating.

Technical specifications

Range: 0..160 mbar to0..2500mbar
Accuracy 0.15%
Material: coated stainless steel and titanium membrane


The CG2010 submersible pressure sensor is used in applications where water levels are measured, for example on board ships, in ballast tanks or in industrial sites where wastewater is processed. Furthermore, they can also be used in some swimming pools. The sensor can be parameterized to correct for abnormal tank shapes. Thus, it directly determines the volume.

Maritieme sector

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