Mechanical temperature sensors

Our range of mechanical temperature gauges

There are two different options when it comes to mechanical temperature gauges, namely a bimetal or gas pressure thermometer. Both take advantage of the fact that materials or gases expand or contract with a change in temperature.

A bimetal thermometer is two connected strips of metal with different coefficients of expansion. From this results a curvature and that is the measure of temperature. A gas pressure thermometer is filled with a gas or gas mixture. As the gas expands, a pointer is set in motion. It is even possible to generate an electrical output from a mechanical sensor as well.
Mechanische temperatuursensoren

Our products

Bimetaal thermometer

Bimetal thermometers

These thermometers FA2400, FA8100 and FP2300 from Labom
Clip-on thermometer

Thermometers with clip-on

The FN2 & FN3 with a nominal range of -40°C to 250°C
Gas expansie thermometer

Gas expansion thermometers

A wide range of gas expansion thermometers from Labom

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