Gas expansion thermometers

Serie gas expansie thermometers

Gas expansion thermometers

Are you looking for a highly reliable and mechanical temperature gauge suitable for extreme conditions? Then the gas expansion thermometers are very suitable. These thermometers are filled with gas. As the temperature changes, the density of the gas changes and this can be read on a dial. By adding a capillary, the dial can be placed meters away from the measurement location.

Technical specifications

Housing and wetted parts stainless steel, NS100 / NS160
Process connection; screwed, thermowell, clamp-on, inline, customized by arrangement
Accuracy class 1 per EN 13190


Gas expansion thermometers have very versatile applications. In heavy industry, aboard ships, as well as in food production and other sanitary systems. By adding switching contacts, the thermometer can also work as a temperature safety device in functional safety systems. For example, if the temperature becomes too high in a system, a cooling water system can be turned on to prevent an explosion. Especially for installations with hazardous materials, there is a version that can be attached to the pipe. Here the process always remains closed.

Gas expansie thermometer

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