Thermometers with clip-on

Clip-on thermometer

The clip-on thermometers

Want to measure the temperature of the fluids in your pipes without drilling, welding or other adjustments? Labom's clip-on thermometer is a mechanical temperature indicator that works on the gas expansion measurement principle. The instrument attaches to the outside of a pipe and measures the temperature at the surface of a pipe. Because it is a mechanical instrument, it can be read even if the voltage is lost.

Technical specifications

Nominal range-40 °C... 250 °C
Made entirely of stainless steel
Accuracy class 1 per EN 13190 if isolated operation
Micro-adjustment pointer for indication correction


The clip-on thermometer is mainly used on installations in the oil, gas and chemical industries. Because the instrument is placed
on the outside of the installation, the installation remains closed. This is very practical if the installation is cleaned with a pig and if as few process connections as possible can be used for safety reasons. Because no process connection has to be made, the  instrument can also be added to an installation afterwards, without taking it outof operation.

Clip-on thermometers

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