Traqc-9 C

Traqc-9 C

The Traqc-9 C series

Looking for a pneumatic pressure regulator for your test bench? The Traqc-9 C series pressure regulators are euro cartridge instruments. This makes them easy to install in most common test benches. It is an all-in- one pressure regulator that you can use anywhere. The instrument is often installed in, for example, fixed calibration setups, (mobile) workshops and calibration and maintenance rooms. In combination with a Traqc-9 P, you can properly perform any test and calibration.

Technical specifications

Precise control of pressure
Simple and robust
Easy to integrate
Euro cassette
Various configurations


The Traqc-9 series consists of ve different pressure regulators. These are:

  • CLPC – low pressure regulator (range 0 to 1000 mbar)
  • CPC – pressure regulator (range 0 to 1 and 0to10bar)
  • CVC – vacuum regulator (range 0 to -1 bar)
  • CAC – absolute pressure regulator (range -1 to 10 bar)
  • CHPC – high pressure regulator (range 0 to16and0to350bar)

For a complete list of features, see the datasheet.

Traqc-9C in testbank

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