Maintenance & repair

Minor maintenance & testing

At Tradinco Instruments, we go beyond merely calibrating your measuring instruments. In addition to calibration, we routinely perform minor maintenance and functional tests on your measuring instruments:
  • Minor maintenance: The replacement of seals and fluids, lubrication of moving parts, and external cleaning of the measuring instrument.
  • Functional tests: During this inspection, we assess whether the measuring instrument is still functioning properly. If it is observed that parts are worn or defective, a collaborative discussion determines the best course of action.
Reparatie & onderhoud

Major maintenance & repairs

Proper maintenance is essential for the reliability and safety of your measuring instrumentation. In our workshop and in our climate-controlled calibration laboratory, all repair and maintenance activities are carried out with high-quality tools. Whether it involves replacing critical components, restoring functionalities, or addressing unexpected issues, our technicians are ready to bring your measuring instrument back to optimal condition.

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