The Art of Calibration

What will you learn?

Are you looking for practical calibration training? With Tradinco Instruments' 'Art of Calibration' training, you will learn about the most common parts of a calibration. During this training:
  • Develop a comprehensive basic knowledge of the world of calibration
  • Understand the why of calibration and various definitions
  • Learn about calibrating the most common instruments using; digital or analog sub standards, such as a P/I transmitter and analog manometer.
Training calibration
Druk kalibratieservice

Who is the training for?

This calibration training is for anyone who comes into contact with calibrations in their daily work. A training that improves your work and gives you insight into the calibration process. Besides the theoretical part, you will also perform calibrations yourself and experience the associated data management. Training topics include the need for calibration, calibration in a production environment, calibration requirements and calibration management, calibration certificates and (re)calibration intervals.

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